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Sectional Matrix


Unimatrix - 100 Matrix System

Unimatrix - 100 Matrix System

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Unimatrix - 100 Matrix System + 2 Rings + 50 Silicone Tubes + 50 Assorted Elastic Wedges

The Unimatrix System is composed by preformed sectional matrices and an Unimatrix Ring, easy and fast to set. The main   advantages   this   system   offers   over   conventional   matrices are the easiness in the reconstruction of contact points   and   natural   tooth   anatomy.   Unimatrix   Rings   are equipped with Silicone Tubes for a better adaptation and to bring more comfort to the patient.


Select, among 3 matrices sizes, which fits better to the cavity to be restored. Install the matrix in the proximal face to be restored. In the case of a MOD cavity, it is recommended one face at a time. Install the wedge. TDV elastic wedges improve the matrices accomodation, in this case, do not use silicone tubes. Install the Unimatrix ring. The use of Unimatrix ring and silicone tubes or not and setting up manner depends of personal preferences and clinical situation. Concluding the restoration, remove primarily the Unimatrix ring, then the wedge and finally the matrix. To obtain consistent contact points is recommended to promote a previous separation of the adjacent tooth during the preparation of the patient, by placing a wedge or/and the Unimatrix Ring; as well as it is recommended the application of Contact + instrument during the composite polymerization.


Available in small, medium and large sizes.

Physical principle of operation

Mechanical device to grant tooth natural anatomy to the restorative material.

Warnings, precautions and restrictions

Professional use only. When there is proven allergy to any of its components, the product must not be used. It is recommended to protect the papilla by any method to prevent accidents. To avoid an accidental swallowing or aspiration of this product we always recommend the application of an isolation technique of the operatory field. The Unimatrix ring and silicone tubes must be sterilized separately.


The rings and silicon tubes are sterilizable by autoclave (126ÂșC, 147kPa, 16min). Before sterilization, proceed with the cleaning using water and enzymatic detergent. The matrices are for single use only. Its reuse can cause cross contamination.


Matrices: Stainless steel. Ring: Nickel plated carbon steel. Tubes: Silicone.


To be stored in a dry place, sheltered from sunlight.

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Unimatrix - 100 Matrix System

Unimatrix - 100 Matrix System

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