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NOVACRYL - Acrylic Tooth Self-Curing

NOVACRYL - Acrylic Tooth Self-Curing


Self-Curing Powder

Tooth Shaded Acrylic Resin

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Novacryl. Self-Curing Acrylic Resins are used for repair and temporary restorations, Crowns and Bridges. The formulation of Novacryl Self-Curing Tooth Shaded Acrylics allows for reproduction of natural Tooth color wherever desired in Acrylic Dental Restorations. It is easy to trim and polish and is available in all A1-D4 shades plus A0 and B0 bleach shades. The addition of Light and Dark Incisal shades allows you to create the most natural esthetics possible. Novacryl is available in a 4oz easy to use dispenser bottle.

POLYMER COMPONENTS: Self-polymerized Acrylic (Type II)

Poly (methyl-methacrylate).


MONOMER COMPONENTS: Self-polymerized Monomer (Type II).

Methyl Methacrylate.

Ethylene Glycol Di-methacrylate.

Chemical initiator (Amine type).

The composition of Self-polymerized Novacryl®, (polymer and monomer) is the one that is used to repair provisional teeth, crowns and bridges.

The main characteristics of self-polymerized are the following:

 - The period of time required for the repairing of different acrylic structures. This product allows an optimum working time for its manipulation.

 - It does not require heat treatment for its polymerization process.

 - It allows an easy polishing to recover its gloss.

 - The polymer-monomer ratio is used as indicated, in order to avoid the possible vertical and linear contractions of the acrylic structure.

Work Time:

This mixture allows a work time from 3 to 5 minutes approximately, at a room temperature of 23ºC ±2.

Polymerized time:

This mixture has a self-polymerizing average time of 10 minutes approximately. These intervals can vary according to the room temperature of the site.

Expiration Date:

Novacryl®, self- polymerized Powder: Four (4) years.

Novacryl®, Opti-cryl®, self-polymerized acrylic Liquid: Two (2) years.

Ref. NSP 17902 NOVACRYL  Shade A0     125g

Ref. NSP 17890 NOVACRYL  Shade A1     125g

Ref. NSP 17891 NOVACRYL  Shade A2     125g

Ref. NSP 17903NOVACRYL  Shade A3     125g

Ref. NSP 17892NOVACRYL  Shade A3.5   125g

Ref. NSP 17893 NOVACRYL  Shade A4     125g

Ref. NSP 17906 NOVACRYL  Shade B0     125g

Ref. NSP 17904 NOVACRYL  Shade B1     125g

Ref. NSP 17894NOVACRYL  Shade B2     125g

Ref. NSP 17895NOVACRYL  Shade B3     125g

Ref. NSP 17896 NOVACRYL  Shade B4     125g

Ref. NSP 17897 NOVACRYL  Shade C1     125g

Ref. NSP 17900 NOVACRYL  Shade C2     125g

Ref. NSP 17898NOVACRYL  Shade C3     125g

Ref. NSP 17905NOVACRYL  Shade C4     125g

Ref. NSP 17899 NOVACRYL  Shade D2     125g

Ref. NSP 17901 NOVACRYL  Shade D3     125g

Ref. NSP 17889 NOVACRYL  Shade D4     125g

Ref. NSP 17908 NOVACRYL  Shade INCISAL DARK   125g


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NOVACRYL - Acrylic Tooth Self-Curing

NOVACRYL - Acrylic Tooth Self-Curing


Self-Curing Powder

Tooth Shaded Acrylic Resin

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