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Superfix - 50 Sandpaper Discs + Mandrel.- TDV

Superfix - 50 Sandpaper Discs + Mandrel.- TDV

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Description: Superfix Sandpaper Discs - 50 Discs + Mandrel CONTRA-ANGLE.


* Handy durable and easy application.

* Versaplus mandrel system that works by pressure, without metallic core, what allows the use of all the abrasive surface.

* Ultra-fine discs, is very flexible  and versatile

* Four Grists codified by colors

Manufacturer Code: TDV 3015

Brand: Superfix

Dimensions: 3.8" and 1/2"

Grit: Assorted / Medium / x-fine / fine /coarse

Packaging: Package of 50 discs with 1 mandrel


Style: CA

Use: Install the mandrel at the counter angle. Fit the disc onto the mandrel. In order to achieve a better result use the discs in the 4 grits, successively from the coarsest to the finest one. The product must be applied dry, with low to medium speed and with intermittent touches.

 Warnings: precautions and restrictions: Professional use only. Do not use this product with rotations higher than 4.000 rpm. The user will be entirely responsible for the combined use of the mandrel or the disc with similar products. To avoid an accidental swallowing of this product it’s necessary the application of a total isolation technique of the operatory field. When there is proven allergy to any of its components, the product must not be used.

 Connection with counter angle: The mandrel Praxis is manufactured in compliance with specifications from the rule ISO 1797-1.

 Sterilization: The mandrel may be sterilized by autoclave at 126ºC, 147kPa, 16min. Before sterilization, proceed with the cleaning using water and enzymatic detergent. The discs must be disposed after each patient. Its reuse can cause cross contamination.

 Composition: Aluminum oxide, polyethylene terephthalate, synthetic rubber resin, aluminum, water-based pigments.  Mandrel: Metal.

 Storage: To be stored in a dry place, sheltered from sunlight.

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Superfix - 50 Sandpaper Discs + Mandrel.- TDV

Superfix - 50 Sandpaper Discs + Mandrel.- TDV

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